Tomboy data extractor

When I changed platform from Linux to Mac, some of my Linux software where unavailable. The most important app I lost was Tomboy Notes. It had all the things I needed to write down. After looking for a working version on OSX, I decided I had to export. Both the Linux and the Windows port where lacking working functionality to export to a more readable format. I tried the different plugins for a way to export, but I could not get them working. I tried to export the data with libXML, but libXML did not recognize the data as valid xml data.

Ok. I needed the data and I wanted cleartext files, so I made my own Tomboy XML data extractor.

This utility takes data from Tomboy application data folder and outputs the data to cleartext files. If there is multiple revisions of a Tomboy note, only the newest is stored.

This process of trying to get the data into cleartext was annoying. I guess others might have had the same problem, so I wrote this post and made the utility public.

Sourcecode here: ohboy.c   ohboy.h   ohboy.readme