Sonic Room demo final for Windows


After about 24 hours of finetuning, we had to surrender and deliver our demo.
With the file uploaded in time for soft deadline, I could finally get some sleep.
Enex (MontrĂȘal, Canada) was CET-6 hours behind me, and when Dran had to take a break and sleep, Enex continued, and we delivered in time but with a few flaws.


After the Gathering we all had a break from the computer, and because of that we did not upload the final version before a couple of weeks ago. (Yes, that was easter 2012.)

It’s a blog!

Now I have a blog.

I will try posting some original content, some unreleased code, some unseen pictures and videos, some oldshool stuff, and hopefully posts about future interests and  links to my music and projects.